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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Why people love call of duty

            Call of duty, a creature that genuinely stays the same but can grasp our attention and trap us in a endless dream filled with happiness,rage and pure addictiveness. So why do people keep on coming back?, well to put it in a simple manner, people love call of duty because its a selfish game. In call of duty, you rarely see people sharing care packages and/or kill streaks. People show their true selfish spirit once they get a kill streak and suddenly their team is non-existent. In reality people are selfish by nature, we cant do anything about it but our social norms demands us to repress these instincts in order to coincide in our society. All of our social norms disappear once inside the call of duty world. People become selfish,rude and in a king of the jungle state of mind. The reason call of duty is so addicting and popular is because we are allowed to act out virtually ofcourse socially unacceptable acts like killing people, being rude and etc.

             With this in mind i sat on my couch, inserted the most repetitive, fun and frustrating game in existence. This game was of course call of duty Black ops 2. At first i hated it because there was way too many campers and bouncing betty's but as i started to learn the maps, the call of duty dark magic kicked in. I was again addicted to call of duty(previously i had been addicted to Black ops 1). Somehow i hated the game but loved it at the same time. Essentially we can hate or love call of duty but we can all agree that call of duty is our drug that although it has lost its sting from the first time we played call of duty 4, like a drug we keep on coming for more, no matter how shitty the quality is.

               In conclusion, check out these videos of some of my sessions in call of duty Blops2, it will be updated to show more videos. Thanks for reading this post and please share this blog, rate+subscribe to my youtube channel and subscribe to this blog. Thats all guys see you in the next post.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

BF3 Quickscoping live commentary: The challenge ahead

        Bf3 quicks coping, one of the most if not the most taboo word in the battlefield community. Just pronouncing these words will initiate a verbal war with the words "Call of duty" and noob/scrub included in that sentence. Worst yet, don't even try to post one of your quick scoping videos on the battle log forums as they will rip out your ass with video dislikes and hateful comments.

               So why are people so against     bf3 quicks coping?, well for one its not realistic and i can completely agree with that but i don't think that is the real reason. The reality is people hate quick scoping because they hate watching luck filled montage after montage. So in order to resolve this issue i have decided to completely out do myself and show people my true potential "skill" with the bf3 snipers. I have decided to further train myself in the art of quick scoping and i have done pretty well with my best game going 40-10 quick scoping and killing with the crossbow but my challenge comes tomorrow when i will record my quick scoping video and hopefully show the world the power of Bf3  quick scoping and the power of MXG.

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Devil May Cry Reboot: My first impressions

It was a cold tuesday night as i sat down to play one of the most fun games i had never discovered. This game was the now infamous Devil May Cry and although it was just a demo it entertained me to the point in which i had to pre-order it from my local gamestop. You can check out the second video of my gaming session bellow and the first part will be up soon as i had some problems with my sony vegas. Thanks for your time and if you liked the video below dont forget to like and subscribe, it will really help me get noticed on youtube :)

Youtube is infested with real life zombies

Youtube is a creature that is completely facinated with stupidity and ignorance. How i know this, you may ask?, well its as simple as this. Million of people around the world are completely infatuated with pitifull entertainment. Just look at the top youtubers, most of them use sexy thumbnails and almost naked women in order to attract  the youtube zombies.

 Further exploiting the youtube zombies, popular youtubers go out of their way to introduce "Scare cams", which only serves to completely hypnotize the youtube zombie into thinking that the popular youtuber actually cares about him but the reality is that their interest is  to make money i.e pewdiepie. Finally theres so many other channels out there who deserve a lot more subscribers than RWJ and pewdiepie, plus most of them will not present  you with recycled jokes,rape jokes,frequent annoying screams,annoying overacting and best of all some usefull entertainment.

In conclusion check out one of my videos with authentic reactions and 100% real effort :). Thanks for reading this post,have a good day.